New Hampshire city police turning to Pokemon Go to capture fugitives

Without a doubt, Pokemon Go has been all the rage ever since it was released on July 6, 2016, for the iOS and Android platforms. Pokemon Go has quickly become the world’s the most popular smartphone app, seizing the title from Candy Crush Saga. As of July 20, more than 30 million people have downloaded Pokemon Go worldwide.

So far, Pokemon Go has appealed to almost every demographic, from young children to middle-aged adults. In cities around the world, alleged appearances of rare Pokemon have lured huge crowds. For example, the appearance of a Vaporeon, another rare Pokemon, caused hundreds of players to crowd Central Park. Such turnouts prompted the police in New Hampshire’s largest city to the Pokemon Go app to lure wanted individuals to the police station.

You would have to REALLY want a Charizard

Recently, the Manchester Police Department announced that one of their police officers had found a Charizard, a rare Pokemon, in the booking area of police headquarters. The post included a list of people invited to come to the booking area to capture the creature. The list consisted of the names of over 500 fugitives on the police department’s wanted persons roundup.

Unsurprisingly, the post has yet to score the Manchester police department an arrest. However, the post has been incredibly popular among the police department’s followers on Facebook. The post went up on the Facebook page of the Manchester police department late Saturday night and had more than 13,000 “likes” by the end of the next day. The post is a clever way of increasing the public’s awareness of people wanted by New Hampshire police.