Man needs criminal defense for alleged assaults from 1973

A Derry resident can go about his or her life without incident and then suddenly be accused of a crime that supposedly took place decades ago. This is what one man, who is now 74-years-old, is facing. He will need to engage criminal defense counsel in order to help him combat allegations of impropriety with students.

Supposedly, he sexually assaulted at least one student sometime between November and December of 1973, and he was charged with several counts of sexual assault. His name was given to authorities by the Phillips Exeter Academy, which had turned over numerous sexual assault claims going all the way back to the 1960s through to 2014. The report was not clear if all of the claims involved the man in question, but authorities claim that many of the cases have been closed or dismissed. Some of the complaints that came out of the school were false or simply rumors.

However, the complaints against the man who is currently facing charges were not so easily dismissed for reasons that have yet to be revealed. One of the first question that will need to be answered is why the statute of limitations does not prevent prosecutors from pursing a case against this man. So far, the man is free on a $25,000 bail, but he had to give up his passport and cannot have any contact with children.

Just as would be the case for a Derry resident, simply being accused of a crime does not mean that this man is guilty of it. If a New Hampshire court determines that prosecutors do have the right to bring charges against the man, then it might be beneficial for him to begin preparing a criminal defense to the charges. This would begin with an investigation into the alleged evidence that will be presented to the court, including any statements by the supposed victims and/or any witnesses.

Source: CBS Boston, “Former Phillips Exeter Academy Employee Charged With Sexual Assault In NH“, May 13, 2016