Are you being haunted by a past conviction?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Expungements, Firm News

Everyone makes mistakes and has regrets about things that they’ve said or done in the past. When those mistakes result in an individual being arrested and charged with or convicted of criminal charges, the implications can be severe and far-reaching.

Having a criminal record, even when charges were dismissed or an individual was found not guilty, can be a major red flag for prospective employers. Additionally, an individual who has a criminal record is likely to experience difficulty when attempting to secure student loans or rent an apartment. Thankfully, in New Hampshire, many criminal charges can be effectively hidden via the annulment or expungement process.

In cases where an individual is interested in having a criminal record annulled, it’s wise to contact an attorney. Some criminal charges cannot be annulled, but many can and, depending on the offense and case outcome, an individual can typically petition to have a criminal record expunged within one to 10 years of serving out the terms of a sentence. In cases where charges against an individual were dismissed or a case ended in a not guilty finding, an individual can take immediate action to have a record expunged.

Unfortunately, the annulment process can be lengthy and, if sufficient and convincing evidence isn’t produced, the courts may deny a petition. In some cases the courts may also request that an individual appear at a hearing and produce evidence to justify why a criminal record should be expunged.

When something as important as an individual’s livelihood and very future is at stake, it’s important not to leave anything to chance. A criminal defense attorney can assist throughout the expungement process and help improve an individual’s chances of having a criminal record expunged and sealed from public view.

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