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The financial aspect of divorce can be a complex one, but must be addressed. The life you had as a married person will drastically change, and so will your financial foundation. You may wonder how to provide financially for you and your children as the financial rug is pulled out from under you.

Germaine & Blaszka, P.A., of Derry, New Hampshire, is an experienced family law firm prepared to represent you. With decades of experience, our attorneys will advocate for you in addressing division of assets. You deserve your fair share of all assets you and your spouse accumulated during your marriage. We will protect your interests.

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Detail-oriented and thorough, our attorneys will carefully examine every asset within your marriage in determining how to proportionally divide them. These assets may include:

  • Your primary residence
  • Additional real estate properties such as a vacation home, investment property or timeshare
  • A family-owned business
  • Financial investments that may include stocks, bonds, money markets and exchange-traded funds
  • Retirement assets such as pensions, traditional and Roth IRAs as well as 401(k)s and 403(b)s
  • Motor and recreational vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, campers and trailers
  • Additional personal property such as antiques, collectibles, artwork and jewelry

We will give you the direction you need and leave no stone unturned regarding the division of assets within your marriage. Our attorneys are understanding, empathetic and effective.

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Any asset accumulated during your marriage is subject to being dividing in a divorce. Germaine & Blaszka, P.A., of Derry, New Hampshire, will protect you and make sure you get your fair share. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and thorough. We get results. Contact us online for a consultation or call 603-434-4125.