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When Business Owners Go Through Divorce

Will your business survive your divorce? This is a crucial question many business owners ask. You have devoted a great portion of your life to your company, and now its existence is in question. An experienced attorney who understands business law can help you.

Germaine & Blaszka, P.A., of Derry, New Hampshire, helps business owners who risk losing their company due to a divorce. With decades of experience, our attorneys will thoroughly review your case and provide solid representation, along with recommendations of legal strategies that would help.

Discussing Your Options And Making Decisions

A business is among the assets that must be fairly divided with your soon-to-be former spouse during a divorce. Perhaps you were a third-generation business owner, an entrepreneur who started the business or co-owned the company with your spouse.

Regardless, this asset gets scrutiny. Whatever amount the business grew in value during the marriage must be equally distributed. Our attorneys will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your business to determine its worth, providing you with a better understanding of its value and longevity
  • Seek options that would allow you to retain complete ownership of your company
  • Determine whether it is realistic to purchase or buy out your spouse’s share of the business
  • Provide insight into selling your business to a third party
  • Protect your investment in creating a prenuptial agreement before the marriage takes place

With decades of experience in business law, our attorneys will provide the legal advice you expect. We will do our best to help you retain your business.

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