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Facing drug charges comes with choices and possible consequences

We recently discussed how a drug conviction can impact your eligibility for federal financial aid. This educational roadblock can have an impact on your career possibilities, but so can the fact that you have a drug conviction on your record. Many employers do criminal background checks, which can mean that your options are very limited if you have a drug-related conviction on your record.

Drug convictions and federal student aid eligibility

There are many ways that a drug conviction can impact your future. One of these has to do with getting financial aid after the conviction. You might find that you have to take some extra steps if you are trying to get federal student aid. There are a few factors that come into the picture when you are trying to determine how a drug conviction might affect your chances of going back to school.

Don't think that drug paraphernalia charges aren't serious

Many different charges related to drugs can come out of a criminal investigation. One of the charges possible can occur without any drugs actually being present. This is a drug paraphernalia charge, which can come based only on the objects that are in your possession.

Drug charges come with options that you must carefully consider

Illegal drug usage can lead to criminal charges, but there are times when all a person needs is help to kick an addiction. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is geared more toward punishment and less toward help in these matters. If you are facing a drug charge, you need to learn about your options for addressing the matter.

Look at the specific points in a drug crime case

Not all criminal charges are created equally. In fact, even when you only consider drug charges, you will come to notice that there are very different charges and penalties for different crimes. This is something that can make coming up with a defense against drug charges difficult. We can help you work through the complexities so you can get your defense plan moving forward.

What is the purpose of a trial jury?

You might hear people who are facing criminal charges say that they will make their case to the jury. This concept is one that is supported by the United States Constitution. The Sixth Amendment sets the right of a person who is facing at least six months in prison to have a trial by jury.

The full circle of collateral consequences after a conviction

Most people tend to think of the impacts of a criminal conviction in relation to the immediate effects. While these are life-impacting, there are many different consequences that a person who is convicted of a crime might face. The ones that aren't imposed by the court as part of the sentencing are known as collateral consequences.

Don't think that you are alone when you are facing drug charges

Drug charges are often the result of other issues that are going on in a person's life. For the men and women who find themselves in the criminal justice system, the fear of penalties of the system might seem overwhelming. This comes at a time when they might need help instead of being looked down upon.

Find ways to help your friend stay sober and away from drugs

People who are facing drug issues might need help to get off the drugs. For some people, the wake-up call comes when they are arrested for criminal charges. If you know someone in this position, you might want to do what you can to help that person out.

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