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Compliance with parole terms can keep you out of more trouble

A person who is on parole has to lead a law-abiding life or they run the risk of being placed back in prison. For many, the terms of the program are hard to live with. This is done on purpose because the courts want to ensure that the individuals will be productive citizens when they are done with their sentence.

Association with felons by parolees and probationers

When you are on probation or parole, you have specific requirements for what you are and aren't allowed to do. One of the conditions that is present in almost all programs is that you can't associate with known felons. There are several reasons for this, but it is imperative that you comply so that you don't face a violation.

Probation and parole violations can be hard to face

Probation and parole are alternatives to incarceration, but they aren't by any means free passes that don't involve punishment of any sort. For the people who are on the programs, there are lots of rules that have to be followed. Any deviation from these rules can result in further legal issues that can land them back in jail.

4 tips for probationers and parolees to avoid alcohol

The holiday season is one that is synonymous with parties of all sorts. Many of these will include adult beverages. For people who are on probation or parole, alcohol is often off limits due to the random drug and alcohol tests, as well as the terms of the programs.

Probation violations can lead to criminal charges

People are sometimes sentenced to probation instead of having to spend time in prison when they are convicted of a crime. To people who aren't involved in the criminal justice system, this might seem like an easy way out. The truth is that probation can be very challenging for some people. Still, the court tries to give some people a chance to make life improvements without having to report to prison.

How does housing pose a problem for parolees?

There are many challenges that come with being released from prison on parole. One of these is that you have to find suitable housing. This can be difficult because of the prejudices that people have against felons, especially those who are fresh out of prison.

Drug tests are included in many probation cases

People who are on probation often have very strict rules to follow. While some rules apply to everyone, such as the requirement to avoid future legal issues, some others are based on the person's conviction and lifestyle. One of the possible requirements is that you will undergo drug testing.

Parole and probation violations must be handled carefully

When you are given the conditions of probation or parole, you will immediately notice how restrictive they are. Some people falsely believe that since they are out in the community that they don't have to comply with these conditions. Just to be clear, not complying with the conditions can lead to more legal proceedings and imprisonment.

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