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Derry, NH Legal Blog

Types of community-based sanctions

If a court convicts you of a crime, then you face the potential of serving time in jail or prison. In some cases, though, the court decides that it will release you back into the community. However, you will usually be under some type of supervision by law enforcement...

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3 ways speeding tickets get dismissed

Speeding tickets require that you pay a fine, while also potentially adding points to your license that can affect your car insurance rates. There are certain tactics for having the ticket dismissed in court.  Speeding tickets are disputable, so you can choose to...

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Enforcing child support payments

Child support is often a major concern for parents adjusting to the new normal after a divorce. Recent data from the Office of Child Support Enforcement shows that 1 in 5 children in the United States benefits from some form of child support payment. Given how a...

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Does a will bypass probate?

Probate is the process of settling an estate when someone dies. The administrator or executor of the estate takes care of all the responsibilities that end with distributing the proceeds of the estate to the heirs of the deceased. If you have a will, then it is also...

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