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Reasons to revise estate plans regularly

Many New Hampshire residents think once they make their estate plans they no longer have anything to worry about. Little do they realize that there are situations in life that can occur that make it beneficial for them to regularly revise their estate plans. People who do not revise their wills as needed to reflect their current wishes take risks with their estates. If you want to avoid having your estate tied up in probate court and subject to other complications, you should learn why it is so important for you to update your estate plans often.

Tips to avoid the 3 most common estate planning mistakes

Estate planning is an elephant in the room. We all know we should have one, but no one wants to actually talk about it. One way to ease into these conversations is to focus on the mistakes other people have made and come up with ways to avoid the same issues for your own estate.

Greatness lives on: Three lessons in estate planning from Ali

A legend both in and out of the boxing ring, Muhammad Ali leaves behind a legacy in more ways than one. In addition to his professional triumphs, fans can also learn from his personal aspirations by taking note of how his estate unfolds in the months ahead.

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