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Not all criminal cases are eligible for a jury trial

One of the fundamental rights of a person who is charged with a crime is that they can have a jury trial. What some people might not realize is that this doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. There are some cases in which a defendant might not be able to have one, but they may have a bench trial instead. A bench trial is one in which each side presents their case to the judge. That judge then decides the outcome of the case.

Your drug defense must be based on facts

A drug crime defense, like all defenses, must be based on facts. How you present those might be the key to your defense. When you have this type of charge, you have to look at what you might be able to do for the defense because your options will depend largely on the circumstances of the case.

Careers can be impacted by drug charges

With the prevalence of drugs these days, some people think that criminal charges related to them are minor. This isn't at all the case. You can't fall into the habit of thinking that you are able to ignore these charges. Instead, it is time for you to get started on your defense right away so that you are able to take the time to think about the ways that each option is going to affect your future.

Drug charges must be taken seriously

Drug crimes are becoming perceived as less serious than they used to be. This doesn't mean that you should treat them as minor issues. They can have very big impacts on your life if you are caught and have to face charges for them. In some cases, there is a chance that you will face felony charges. This means that a conviction will lead to you being classified as a felon for life.

Think about drug charge defenses before you head to court

Drug charges, including those for selling, can have negative impacts on your life. It is imperative that you take the time to learn about the options that you have when you are facing them. These can vary greatly and must be decided by looking at the circumstances of the case. We help our clients learn about the options and determine how to use the available components in a way that benefits your defense.

Focus on rebuilding your life after a drug possession charge

People who are addicted to drugs have a hard road to travel. Sometimes, they end up having to make some difficult life decisions. They might wind up in jail on drug possession charges. These should be taken very seriously, even though some people think of these as minor matters. We know that drug possession charges can have an impact on your entire life, so think about that as you are making decisions about your defense.

Pay attention to small details in a drug crime defense case

Being charged with a drug crime means that you have a lot of work to do. There are many things that you might be able to focus on in your defense planning. The circumstances of your case will determine what possibilities that you have. In many cases, it can take someone familiar with the unthought-of points to come up with a defense strategy for you.

Drug paraphernalia can impact your future

There are many charges that a person who is using drugs might face if they are pulled over during a traffic stop. One of these is a drug paraphernalia charge. You might think of this as a minor charge; however, you can still face serious penalties for it. Still, it is likely better to only be charged with paraphernalia than with actual drugs.

Many options exist for drug possession defenses

Drug possession charges are viewed by some individuals as minor. Regardless, they can carry considerable penalties upon conviction. Anyone who is facing these charges has the option of presenting a defense to the court. A strategic defense can help you minimize the penalties you face if you are found guilty of the charges against you.

Drug cases might have options not available for other charges

Navigating through the criminal justice system can be a difficult journey, especially if this is your first time as a defendant. We know that being unsure of what's going on can make the situation more difficult to deal with. We are here to walk you through the matter. If you are facing drug charges, you might have some options available to you that aren't possible in other cases.

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