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Don't let holiday stress lead to domestic violence

The winter holidays are very tense times for some families. The stress level is increased over what is common during other parts of the year. There are a few reasons for this. People might get upset that the finances are so tight right now. Having to plan for family gatherings might be intense. Things might be even more insane than usual at work. All of these can come together to make you feel irritable. We understand, but try to find ways to keep your cool.

Job hunt challenges after a domestic violence conviction

Many life impacts come after a domestic violence conviction. One of the most profound for most people is that they have trouble finding a job. Many employers do background checks on potential employees. Since domestic violence is considered a violent crime, many types of jobs are off limits to someone with this type of conviction.

Homosexual male partners can be victims of domestic violence

Poor stereotypes often portray gay men as being more docile than their straight-male counterparts. A study that was done at the University of Michigan found that male couples are just as likely to involve domestic violence as opposite sex ones.

Know your options for your criminal justice defense

Being accused of any crime isn't something that you hope to experience in your lifetime, but things sometimes happen that lead to that. When you are facing criminal charges, there are some points that you need to think about right away. One of these is that you need to get moving on your defense right away. Trying to put this off could lead to a rushed defense that might not be the best one for your case.

Beware: Tempers tend to flare more during the summer

While you might think that you are more likely to become agitated during the winter months when you are cooped up in the house because of the snow, this might not be the case. For many people, the summer months come with an increase in agitation. There are several reasons why this might happen, but the results can be troubling regardless of these reasons.

Criminal defense matters have to be considered carefully

Criminal justice matters must be taken seriously, even when there doesn't seem to be any substance to them. No matter what the charge, there are serious penalties that can come if you are convicted. In some cases, even a charge without a conviction can change your life considerably.

What are the protective order laws in New Hampshire?

Facing domestic violence is scary. No one should face such a problem in his or her lifetime. For those who have been abused by a loved one, significant other or a friend, they need to know how to acquire a protective order. The protective order laws in New Hampshire are pretty straightforward. Let's take a look at them in today's post.

Domestic violence accusations demand attention

Criminal justice matters are very important for the men and women who are facing them. You can't look at the fact that you are facing a criminal charge as a mere inconvenience. Instead, you need to take these matters seriously. We can help you cover your bases when it comes to your defense planning so you can answer to these charges.

Money matters might come up in domestic violence cases

Domestic violence criminal charges are usually based on physical abuse, but there is a good chance that other forms of abuse will come up in the proceedings. If you are being charged with any type of domestic violence, you need to know some of the finer points about other types that might come up in your case. One of these is financial abuse.

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